playHOORAY! is super duper excited to announce the playPROMPTS Web APP is now available!This FREE app will put play inspiration at your fingertips! Designed to make use of the items you already have around the house, these realistic ideas take minimum prep and will provide maximum play! 

step one to download app

Read through the following instructions and follow these simple steps!

Type in your details to sign up to use the web app

Press the 'add to home screen' button on your phone to save as an app icon
iphone: this is a box with an arrow at the bottom of the page
android: three dots or home shape at the top right
Hopefully this image below can offer a helping hand!

Enjoy playing with the web app!

As you will see, the playPROMPTS web app will provide you ideas, downloads and links!

And don't forget to share your Fan Mail photos!